Diapers are the problem…

There are 3,040,000,000,000 trees left on earth. This means there are 420 trees for every living person. It is estimated that 1/2 of the tree population has been diminished since the beginning of civilization. Printing only uses a small portion of the world’s trees. Most of the tree wood is used in processes like construction lumber and consumable products.  A big culprit is diapers for babies and senior adults because they use a lot of pulp. My Uncle Don thinks that all trees with a leaf are hardwoods and trees with a needle are softwoods.  If there is a forestry expert out there that knows, I’d like to know if he is right. Read more about tree population and it’s impact on us all at http://usat.ly/1UrVF1P.  You will find an illustrated article from USA Today all about trees.

printers parkTrees at Printer’s Park by Parks Printing


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