How a Lubbock TX Commercial Printing Company Creates Professional Brochures

When your company needs brochures, finding the right company can be a challenge. So can navigating the maze of paper types and print types. For example, for small runs, digital printing is cheaper. For larger ones, you may want to go with letterpress or offset – setup costs are more, but per unit price can be a lot lower.

Brochures are normally printed on glossy paper, but you can often get a heavier stock. Some people prefer a matte finish, which can look more personal, or white paper which reproduces colors more accurately. The standard brochure size is designed to hold a lot of information, while easily fitting into a customer’s pocket – which makes it more likely that they will take it home. However, you can always adjust the size to be larger or smaller, depending on what information you need to get out to customers and prospects.

Once you have chosen the paper type, weight and size, you can order a proof to make sure that the brochure looks right. Colors often look different on screen to what you get in the finished product, so it’s always a good idea to get a proof on a large order. Many print shops will also offer you graphic design services if you don’t have anyone in house who can do it (you can also hire a freelancer separately, but print shops will often give you a better deal, as they are offering the entire package). Brochures also benefit from UV coating, especially if you intend on mailing them (the post can be hard on your printed material). Be aware that you cannot write on a UV coated item. Not many small print shops offer this service, but it is definitely worth considering.

Our Lubbock Commercial Printing Service,, does provide UV coating. We offer brochures on two weights of three types of paper and will gladly give advice on which one is best for your project.


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