Discover Real Quality with Lubbock TX Commercial Booklet Printing

Quality printing is vital to your marketing program. A commercial booklet is designed to catch the attention of your customers and highlight key products and services.

Booklets are not something you should print at home. They should be printed on high quality paper and booklet assembly is time consuming, especially if you are not used to doing it. The professionals can get this job done a lot faster and neater than you can. A professional printer can also help you with the design of the booklet – if you do not have good in-house graphic design talent, then consider using the printer’s designer. You can also look into hiring the printer and designer separately, especially if you have a designer that has done good work for you in the past. However, this option can be more expensive. A good designer will help you draw attention to the things that are most important, select easy-to-read fonts, etc.

Full color booklets are more expensive but generally more effective than black and white. You can often choose between different kinds of paper – one recommendation is to check with the printer and see what kind they would recommend for your specific design. Paper may be matte or glossy, and this offers different looks that can be chosen to suit your company’s image. Regardless of your choices, your booklet should be designed to match the services and products you offer visually and have the right feel.

Avoid including highly time sensitive information in company booklets – you do not want to end up still having a box of them when an offer runs out. The booklet should, rather, highlight your experience and what you are known for. The per-unit price tends to go down with the number you have printed, so plan on ordering a good number. Also, always order a proof – a test booklet so you can look at the actual product. Colors may shift between the screen and the page and design elements may not look quite the way you intended them. When you get your proof, check it for quality and to make sure that the images are where they should be. Check the text for typos. Only go ahead with the order when you are sure what you are getting is what you want and need.

Company booklets can be expensive, but they can be worth it – people do still stop and read them, and they will find out more about you quickly than by pulling up your website on their phone. They are particularly useful if you go to trade shows, as something that is less likely to end up in the trash immediately than a flyer or postcard.

When it comes to print advertising products, you should always go to a professional printer who has the equipment to make them look right. With tricky-to-assemble booklets, this can also save you and your company a lot of time. Look for a Lubbock Commercial printing service with a good reputation and always get a sample first.


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