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Parks Printing Company in Lubbock TX, Offers Premier Business Booklets Printing Services

Companies looking for a business booklet to advertise their business can call Parks Printing Company for a quote.

Business booklets are handy to give out as a quick way to highlight a company’s various products and services. These can be challenging to print in house, especially as they take a lot of complicated assembly that can waste the time of employees, or require bringing in temps at expense to complete.

Parks Printing Company can handle the entire process of designing and printing business booklets for a company. They can print on both matte and glossy paper, and offer multiple weights – and, of course, they can provide paper samples on request. They have in-house design staff that can put together a professional project that matches a company’s feel and existing promotional materials. They can, of course, provide proofs. They use offset printing, so the per-unit cost is lower for larger orders.

Booklets should be designed to use a standard paper size – this saves a lot of money. Full color printing is far more eye catching than black and white, although it is expensive. Parks Printing Company can advise on which kind of paper a company should use to get the effect they desire – matte paper gives softer, more muted colors, for example, than coated gloss. There is no one best kind of paper to use for booklets – it depends on the colors being used and the feel being sought.

Company booklets should be professionally printed. Making them in house is time consuming and unlikely to give as good a result. Companies that are seeking a high quality Lubbock commercial printing service to do booklets as well as other promotional items such as brochures, business cards and flyers should consider calling Parks Printing Company for a custom quote.

Contact Information
Address: 1715 19th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 747-2881


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