Discover Family History Booklets with Lubbock TX Printing Company

Genealogists and family history buffs all over the world know the value of organizing collections of photos, history, and handed-down anecdotes into a form that all members of the family and friends can appreciate. A Lubbock commercial printing service is offering high quality smaller print buyers the opportunity to create an exciting and interesting family heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come. What are some ideas that will turn your family history booklet into a treasured item that family members will want to keep forever?

  • Gather together all the materials you’ll want in the booklet – photos, family papers, letters, diaries, genealogy charts, wills, etc.
  • Contact a Lubbock commercial printing service – They will look at your materials, and then demonstrate how they will combine offset printing, letterpress, and digital to make your family history booklet come to life!
  • Your booklet will be assigned its very own team of pressmen, design professionals, and customer service representatives – They will make sure that your booklet will be done correctly, be tailored to your specific needs, and best of all, will be finished on time.
  • Create a booklet with black and white and color photos, beside a small short story featuring your family members on each page – The sky’s the limit as far as how you want to arrange your text and photographs. Do you want primarily photographs, with captions of names and dates? Do you want more text? That’s easy too.
  • Honor your loved one with stories and photographs of their life – Booklets are a fantastic way to celebrate family milestones – anniversaries, birthdays, or memorial services.
  • Your booklet can be printed either on glossy paper or matte in various weights – By using offset printing, a commercial printing company can offer a per unit cost that decreases in price as the number of copies ordered increases.

Family history booklets deserve to be printed professionally. Our company will make sure that your booklet is printed perfectly!


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