How a Professional Print Company in Lubbock TX Captures Family Memories with History Booklets

Your family memories are precious. Do you have them recorded and preserved? Putting together a family history is a fun project, especially if you involve the children. The result makes a great gift for everyone in your extended family, a handout for family reunions, and a way of preserving things which might be lost.

Put together cool facts, oral history, and photographs into a short booklet and then get it printed by a Lubbock commercial printing service. Family histories are seldom long enough to be affordable if printed by a book printer and print on demand can be extremely expensive for shorter books. Many commercial printers will not do offset runs in small enough quantities. You need to find one which will, because they focus on providing services to individuals, families, and small businesses who often need runs as short as 50 copies for an affordable price.

A good print company may also help you with graphic design work to produce a great, professional-looking cover that will make your family history booklet look like something produced by a real publisher. You will be proud to give it to your family and to show it off to your friends.

The most important thing, though, is that family history booklets are a great way to capture and preserve memories that might otherwise be lost as older relatives and ancestors pass on. Catch these memories while those who hold them are still living and put them together in a story of your family that can then be passed down through the generations (and might well end up with a sequel. Or more than one).

If you are looking to preserve your family history, consider making a family history booklet. Contact a good commercial printer and talk to them about cover design and the best paper to use – and then write those memories down.


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