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Parks Printing Company in Lubbock TX, Makes Family History Fun with History Booklets

Family history can be dry and dull – and often interests only that one person who nominates themselves as family genealogist. Make it more entertaining with a printed booklet.

Family history can seem dull, especially to younger members of the family. Getting kids interested in where they come from can be a challenge. Keeping the connection through the generations is important, but it can be tenuous.

One answer is a printed, full color family history book. However, most family histories are not long enough to create an actual book, which can be printed by a book publisher. And many printers will not print smaller booklets, because they do not see them as efficient. Parks Printing Company offers the answer. They are a Lubbock commercial printing service which focuses on providing good quality service to individuals, families, and small businesses. Because they focus on smaller customers, they will print as few as 50, or even 25, booklets – perfect to hand out at a family reunion or send out as extra holiday gifts one year.

The booklets contain the family’s history and photos and can be printed in color. The pictures will draw the interest of even the youngest relatives and the stories draw the attention of older children and adults. As a result, it becomes possible to educate the children about their past while preserving the memories of their grandparents before it is too late.

Parks Printing Company has the expertise to produce the highest quality product. They can help choose the right paper for the size of the booklet and the ratio of pictures to text. They offer proofs and affordable prices.

Those who want to make sure their family history is passed on in an entertaining way should contact Parks Printing Company for advice and a quote.

Contact Information
Parks Printing Company
Address: 1715 19th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 747-2881


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