How a Lubbock TX Promotional Printing Company Helps Businesses with Ad Specialties

Successful marketing can be a challenge. All too often, after trade shows and conferences, promotional products are misplaced or thrown away. So many business cards are exchanged that they’re likely to be overlooked unless they stand out. Additionally, because of limited resources, small businesses frequently resort to cheap marketing solutions that fail to adequately promote their brand. With high-quality printing options and materials, a Lubbock promotional printing service helps business owners improve their advertising.

The company designs promotional products that are meant to last. Promotional items are printed on high-quality paper in attractive formats. Customers can even get advice on the best materials to use. The business also offers graphic design services and can work directly with clients or graphics consultants that customers have selected from outside the printing company.

The print shop offers more specialized options than the usual “office services” establishment. The Lubbock promotional printing service caters to small businesses, so customers aren’t limited to bulk order requirements that are typical of larger printing companies. Many products can be ordered in quantities as low as 50. Being able to order smaller volumes of materials minimizes storage problems and eliminates having an overstock of time-sensitive items, such as sales flyers, that can’t be used after their “expiration date.”

Business cards are printed on durable stock and UV-coated to withstand fingerprints. Companies can order custom-printed signs and banners, envelopes, letterhead, flyers, and brochures. Invitations and postcards with company logos can also be created. For “high-end” projects, such as magazines and catalogs, customers can select full-gloss paper.

The Lubbock printing company provides proofs so customers can decide if they want to make any changes before an entire order is printed. The company can also convert logos onto multiple items, such as flash drives and pens. Materials can be printed in color or black and white.

The Lubbock promotional printing service also offers in-house mailing. Newly-printed materials can be shipped as soon as they come off the press. The company provides quality, prompt service for small and medium-sized businesses.


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