Determining The Right Paper For a Printing Project with a Lubbock Promotional Printing Service

What paper do you need for your print project? The unhelpful answer is: It depends.
The real answer is still that it depends, but that it depends on specific factors which can be isolated. For example, dull paper provides a better surface for four color printing, but gloss makes for a shinier brochure that stands out, especially if you add a UV coating. For business cards, you may want gloss on the front and uncoated on the back – you cannot make notes properly on gloss.
In other words, the kind of paper you need is very specific to your project and how you want to use the results. Weight of paper is also important – for example, invitations should be printed on heavy paper, sometimes called “cover stock,” because they tend to be mishandled but need to continue to look good for the weeks up to your event. Letterhead works well on “linen” type paper.
Bewildered? You can always get professional advice from a Lubbock promotional printing service. Even looking at recommended options on a printer’s website can help you learn what kind of paper to consider for your project. Consider whether you need it to stand out from a distance, what colors you are using (sometimes if you are only printing in black and white, the best kind of paper may be different from full color).
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by paper choices. Put together your project and then look at the various options and consider what you need. In some cases, a printer may offer hundreds of different kinds of paper with jargon-y names – but if you know what you want, you will be better off. Or, again, you can seek the advice of a local print shop to navigate the “paper maze” and find the right solution.

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